Eight Ways to Improve a Product or Process

This podcast will give you the 8 questions that can spark a sudden shift in your pattern of thinking. 

Your host is Jennifer DeGlopper, Director of The Huthwaite Innovation Institute. Presenters are Bart Huthwaite, founder of the Huthwaite Innovation Institute, and Rob Wolz, of the Mississippi State University Aerospace Engineering Department. Wolz recently retired from Gulfstream Aerospace as Product Development Director and will share how engineers used these 8 questions to launch two new aircraft.

We spend most of our waking lives thinking in the ruts of our experience. When life presents us a problem or an opportunity, we “solve” it in accordance with the code of rules that we used with similar problems in the past. Many times the toughest task is escaping from the clutches of old solutions. You must think in a completely different manner.

Lean In The Office

Today’s podcast discusses Lean in the Office. We are joined by Bart Huthwaite, CEO of the Huthwaite Innovation Institute and Tim Schipper Author of the recently published book The Highly Effective Office, Creating a Successful Lean Culture in Any Workplace now available on Amazon.