The Rules of Innovation

This book is the ultimate how to book for those looking for a proven way to hone their innovation skill.

The power of personal innovation is the most sought after skill in organizations today. Individuals are using it to become rich almost overnight. Company employees are applying it to make giant leaps up the corporate ladder. Now this rubber-hits-the-road book helps you do likewise. It gives you a clear step-by-step road map with how to rules to convert any innovation quest from a mystery to a method. 

Author, Bart Huthwaite, draws on more than thirty years of hands on experience. He has successfully coached thousands of individuals in hundreds of companies around the world. As one General Electric Rules of Innovation user once quipped, Bart's experience ranges from innovations in candy bars to aircraft carriers. 

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The Lean Design Solution

Leaders are now recognizing that product design is the primary driver of success. They are making it their primary target in their quest for delivering customers more value at less cost. Bart Huthwaite, founder of the Huthwaite Innovation Institute and recognized as America's LEAN Product Development Coach, shows you, step-by-step, how to create lean products and services right from the start. He reveals success secrets and a road map for integrating lean design with six sigma design for powerful results.